College Culture

Besides the academic curriculum, embedded in the college curriculum are other values that include:

The fear of God and prayer: Students are taught the value of praying by attending mass on Sundays in the College chapel. Roman Catholics and Anglicans are officially catered for to ensure they develop in their spiritual well-being. All prayers take place in the School Chapel. Each class also has a special day they attend morning mass in the College chapel on weekly days.

Leadership: Students are actively encouraged to participate in various leadership and responsibility positions within the College. The Prefectorate is a structured student leadership body comprising 21 members who are liable to change, in case of new challenges faced by the school administration. The board is spearheaded by the Patron, Mr.Kabuye Joseph, who happens to be the Deputy Headmaster and is devoted to his work in this area. Leadership in the school is open to all. Therefore students are enrolled into leadership through the following measures.

Discipline: Discipline is a strictly emphasized at the College. A set of rules and regulations are in place to help all at St. Henry’s i.e. staff, parents and students to achieve the school’s aim, vision and mission as well as the national objectives in order to nurture proper future leaders. Because the boys are not yet adults, they are still in the process of developing a value system based on established morals and social codes of society. Students are expected to be gentle towards staff, parents and fellow students at all times. Smartness and cleanliness is emphasized at all levels including the some areas such as the school uniform, classrooms, laboratories, the school compound among others.

Students are taught other values such as honesty, integrity and self-respect to persons among others.


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