College Facilities

The School has a number of facilities that are entice students for a conducive academic excellence as well as the growth of an individual all round. The Key Facilities in the School include the following:

  • A well stocked Library
  • A sixty (65) seater capacity Bus
  • A standby generator
  • A conducive reading environment
  • Science Laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Agriculture
  • Technical Drawing room
  • Fine Art room
  • Multipurpose Hall – In process (Pending completition)
  • The Computer Center Complex with these facilities:
    • Full time Wireless Internet connectivity
    • Two labs with over 100 laptops used for acquisition of ICT skills by the students
    • One lab fitted with 4 N-Computing servers connected to 36 flat screen monitors
    • A Smart board used for teaching and learning
    • A host of projectors used for ICT integration in a learning environment
    • Various educational software applications to aid in teaching and learning.
  • Administration Block
  • Basket ball Court
  • Spacious play grounds for football (kikame), Volleyball grounds, lawn tennis and other courts
  • Spacious Dormitories equipped with good facilities
  • Music system for students’ entertainment
  • A Computer Resource Centre for Teachers
  • Sports equipment
  • Human resource in teachers and support staff
  • A well stocked sick bay with 2 fully qualified staff
  • Teachers houses
  • The school farm at Kasenyi with many acreage of land that has been planted with eucalyptus and cassava plantations that supplements the school resources.

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